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Overcoming the Reproducibility Crisis through Streamlined Experimentation - from Design to Optimization

Are you in the midst of a reproducibility crisis? Is your research documentation lacking data, e.g. parameters of used lab instruments? How confident do you feel about the reusability of your protocols? Studies show that the efforts for precise experiment documentation can be reduced while increasing the quality of documentation to drive reproducibility in and across labs. IoT technology and web-based services are key to delivering the next steps towards a flexible digital experiment experience that goes beyond copying an existing analogue process into a digital one. There are many challenges to overcome and moving towards a digital experiment – in particular in R&D labs - is rather a journey than just a one-off trip. We from Eppendorf believe in a structured data approach that helps boosting your traceability and enabling you as a scientist to optimize scientific processes. Join our talk at the Lab of the Future Online Symposium and learn how IoT powered platforms can provide automated high-quality documentation for experimentation. Get insights on how to drive reproducibility and productivity in your lab with Eppendorf.

Topics: Software / Informatics, Information and Services
Type of Event: Lecture
01:00 (30 Minutes)
Hall A3.525