From pigment to dispersion to coating - comprehensive characterization of TiO2

The aim of the presentation is to help customers to develop, formulate and bring new and improved products to market. Case studies discuss how to: - count TiO2 particles. - examine pulverized TiO2. - determine particle size distributions of titaniumdioxide in suspensions. - characterize the formulation stability of titania products in a direct way, accelerated and in real-time. Applications include batteries, ceramics, food, inks, paper, plastics, sunscreen formulations, wallpaints, etc. We will also demonstrate how to determined the adhesive strength of coatings with TiO2 particles on various substrates, such as cement.

Topics: Analysis, Applications, Food analysis, Measuring / testing / quality control, Optical imaging / processing
Type of Event: Lecture
01:00 (30 Minutes)
Hall B1.141