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Be FAIR from the beginning on - how standarization can help to overcome data integrity problems and enable data management, data analytics and long-term storage

•    AnIML and SiLA2 as open standards for laboratory instrument data and communication, respectively, facilitate seamless integration of your instruments into your leading systems, meeting the challenges of data integrity and regulatory compliance.
•    By providing accurate, complete copies of the original raw and processed data sets, AnIML and our informatics solutions for data management comply with FAIR principles and enable vendor-neutral visualization, scientific collaboration and long-term data retention.
•    AnIML enables data-driven business processes, from data analytics, data mining, and AI & ML initiatives up through overall data governance, which supports all steps along the data processing pipeline.

Themen: Digitale Transformation/ Labor 4.0 / Automation/ Robotics
Veranstaltungstyp: Vortrag


01:00 (30 Minuten)
Halle B2.525