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Veranstaltungsort: ICM


Biomedical Metabolomics & Lipidomics

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Rainer Lehmann
  • Myometabokines and organ crosstalk - a human perspective on metabolomics and exercise
  • Atlas of Exercise Metabolism Reveals Time-Dependent Signatures of Metabolic Homeostasis
  • Lipidomics: Probing Membranes and Identifying Lipids Critical for Platelet Function
  • Update on Guidelines for Lipidomics Analysis and Reporting
21.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 2
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PAT for Sustainability

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Martin Jäger
  • Real-time Analysis in Tablet Presses for Sustainable Continuous Manufacturing
  • In-Line monitoring and control of PHA bioplastic production
  • Advanced Mass Spectrometry in on-line chemical process monitoring; creating a sustainable platform for flow-chemistry
  • Becoming fully circular facilitated by PAT
21.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 3
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Reference Intervals in Endocrinology – Is There a Better Way?

Session Chair: Dr. Martin Bidlingmaier
  • Reference intervals – introduction
  • Challenges in Estimating Reference Ranges in Pediatrics
  • Data-driven establishment of endocrinology reference intervals for children
  • Thyroid diseases: Reference intervals vs. therapeutic target range
21.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 4a
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Analyzing Emerging Hazards in Foods

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Michael Rychlik
  • Recent developments in the (bio)analysis of mycotoxins and their modified forms
  • Neglected companions - Emerging derivatives in the field of aflatoxin B1
  • Isomer-specific analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids: Challenges, investigations and solutions
  • Non-target analysis of emerging hazards in food
21.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 4b
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Gas Chromatography: Boring or Is there Something New? Eberhard-Gerstel Award Session

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Oliver J. Schmitz
  • Hyperfast GC meets laboratory requirements: Stability, robustness, user-friendliness
  • LC-GC×GC-TOFMS/FID: a strategic tool to unravel the complexity of mineral oil contamination
  • Novel processes and capabilities best revealed by multi- and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography
  • 2022 Eberhard-Gerstel-Award to Dr. Christoph Gstöttner, Laudation Dr. Katja Dettmer-Wilde, Award Lecure: tba
21.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 5
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Poster Session 21.06.2022

Session Chair: -
  • Poster Session sponsored by Agilent
21.06.2022 11:30-12:30 ICM/Foyer
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Perspectives in Small-Molecule NMR

Session Chair: Dr. Hans Joachim Grafe, Dr. Roland Hergenröder
  • Spatiotemporal 1H NMR spectroscopy of 3D cell models
  • Self-Assembled Rolled-Up Microcoils for nL NMR Spectroscopy
  • Microfluidic Magnetic Resonance As A Tool To Study Biological Systems
  • Detecting Food Fraud: NMR, LC-MS and NGS as Analytical Tools for Food
21.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 2
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PAT for Heterophase Systems

Session Chair: Dr. Roland Hass
  • A BRAVE new way in online particle characterization: process Analytics with OptoFluidic Force Induction (OF2i)
  • Inline observation of a single crystal for PAT based process control
  • Process spectroscopy of particles improved by the ultrasonic trap soniccatch
  • Monitoring particle size in chemical and mechanical unit operations by Photon Density Wave (PDW) spectroscopy
21.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 3
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Liquid Profiling to Guide Cancer Therapies

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Stefan Holdenrieder, Dr. med. Christof Winter
  • Liquid biopsy - a molecular perspective
  • New perspectives on the importance of cfDNA biology in the development of liquid biopsy assays
  • Liquid Profiling in Head and Neck Cancer
  • Multiple liquid biopsy analytes in metastatic breast cancer
21.06.2022 12:30-14:00 ICM/Hall 4a
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Novel Applications of Foodomics

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin
  • Archeochemistry reveals the first steps into modern industrial brewing
  • FoodOmicsGR RI: National research infrastructure for the Comprehensive Characterisation of Foods
  • Authenticity and quality of foodstuffs: NMR, or what else?
  • White wines oxidative stability
21.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 4b
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Chromatography Coupled to Ion-mobility Mass Spectrometry: Potential and Challenges? - Part I

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Oliver J. Schmitz
  • High Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry Enables Better Data Quality for A Board Range of Applications
  • Development and Applications of the Cyclic Travelling Wave Ion Mobility Separator
  • Advancing the Capabilities and Limits of IM Resolution with Hardware and Software Innovations
  • Trapped ion mobility mass spectrometry for improved sensitivity and sample throughput
21.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 5
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Biomedical Imaging & Spectroscopy for Research, Diagnostics and Tissue Characterization

Session Chair: Dr. Elen Tolstik
  • Data science for Raman effect based biomedical studies
  • Ultrahigh-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Heart
  • Translational Multimodal Optical Imaging
  • Label free Optical Biopsy
21.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 2
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Electroanalytical Perspectives

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Matysik
  • From screen-printing to 3D printing (additive manufacturing)
  • Determination of activity, stability and selectivity in electrolysis and fuel cell applications – the importance of real time and in-situ analytics
  • Behaviour of Nucleic Acids at Electrodes: Effects of Sequence, Conformation and Catalytic Activity on Nucleobases
  • The application of electrochemistry in cancer research
21.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 3
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EU Regulation on in vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVDR)

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Michael Vogeser
  • IVDR - perspective from a diagnostic laboratory
  • IVDR from an industry perspective
  • IVDR- The Notified Body perspective
21.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 4a
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Trends in Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry: Make, Measure, and Smart Machines

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne, Prof. Dr. Günter Gauglitz, Dr. Jens Riedel
  • Opening the random forest black box by variable selection and relational analysis
  • Smart Machines, New Materials, Automated Future
  • Automating the analytical laboratory – What’s next
  • 3D Printer in the Lab, not only a Toy
21.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 4b
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Chromatography Coupled to Ion-mobility Mass Spectrometry: Potential and Challenges? - Part II

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Oliver J. Schmitz
  • Modifier assisted differential mobility spectrometry for qualitative and quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis
  • Application of cyclic traveling wave IMS coupled with liquid chromatography for isomeric level characterization of oligosaccharides
  • Drift tube ion mobility: a reference point for measurement standards in IM-MS
  • Ion mobility spectrometry for metal speciation analysis
21.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 5
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Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Paola Roncada
  • Proteomics in food authenticity and food safety
  • What new can we learn about peanut allergens by proteomics?
  • Biofilm: From food microbiology to food industry
  • Proteomic Characterization of Antibiotic Resistance in Listeria and Production of Antimicrobial and Virulence Factors
22.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 2
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Rapid Methods for the Detection of Pathogens and Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria in the Water Cycle

Session Chair: Dr. Michael Seidel
  • Rapid detection method for monitoring L. pneumophila in artificial water systems
  • Biomarker detection in wastewater for public health surveillance
  • Antibiotic resistances in municipal wastewaters and its release to the environmen
  • Comparison of advanced wastewater treatment processes for elimination of micropollutants and microbial contaminants at pilot and industrial scale
22.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 3
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The facets of platelet analysis - aspects for understanding thrombocytopathies

Session Chair: Dr. Ingvild Birschmann
  • Diagnostic impact of platelet function testing
  • Bioinformatics approaches to platelet analysis
  • PlateletWeb and platelet dysfunction: how to combine in silico and in vitro data
  • Platelets and Immunology
  • Platelet function under flow conditions - why and how to measure
22.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 4a
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Trends in Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry: Nanoplastics

Session Chair: Dr. Natalia P. Ivleva, Prof. Dr. Günter Gauglitz
  • Chemical Analysis of Nanoplastics: Challenges, Advanced Methods and Perspectives
  • Mass-based Methods for Micro- and Nanoplastic Analysis: Potential, Complementary Aspects and Challenges
  • Scale-bridging, Multi-modal and Correlated Microscopies and Spectorscopies to Study Small Scale Pastic Particles in Various Matrices with Statistical Significance
  • From Nanoparticles to Nanoplastics – Analytical Lessons Learnt and Remaining Challenges
22.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 4b
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New Aspects of Clinical & Forensic Toxicology

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Hans Maurer, Dr. Dirk K. Wissenbach
  • Possibilities and limitations of metabolomics research in clinical and forensic toxicology
  • Progress on testing for sample adulteration
  • Cytotoxicity testing – a task also in clinical & forensic toxicology?
22.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 5
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Poster Session 22.06.2022

Session Chair: -
  • Poster Session sponsored by Agilent
22.06.2022 11:30-12:30 ICM/Foyer
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Clinical Proteomics

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Christoph Borchers
  • Immuno-multiple reaction monitoring (iMRM) for the targeted ‘absolute’ quantitation of cancer proteins in tumor tissue samples
  • Robust, reproducible and quantitative analysis of thousands of proteomes by micro-flow LC–MS/MS
  • MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging in (Pre)Clinical Research
  • Protein quantification assay knowledgebase and applications in pre-clinical research
22.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 2
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Challenges of Non-target Screening in Water Analysis

Session Chair: Dr. Wolfgang Schulz, Dr. Christian Zwiener
  • Automated near real time HRMS quality assurance
  • Automated real time screening of organic pollutants in the water cycle using the transportable Orbitrap platform 'MS2field'
  • NTS approaches for PFAS in soil samples
  • NTS on its way to international standardization
22.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 3
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Mass spectrometry in the clinics - from research to routine

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Uta Ceglarek, Dr. Christoph Seger
  • Paradigm shift in the clinical routine lab-will mass spectroemtry replace immunoassay fpor protein and peptide analysis
  • IVDR and LDT - Where do we stand? Laboratory comparison of in-house steroid analytics
  • Mass spectrometry in the traceability of analytical methods
  • Role of laboratory diagnostics in disorders of lipid metabolism
22.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 4a
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Trends in Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry: Biosensors

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Antje Baeumner, Prof. Dr. Günter Gauglitz
  • Microfluidics-based biosensors for point-of-care analysis in resource-limited settings
  • Lateral Flow Tests - The manufacturer's view on developing sensitive diagnostic tests
  • Monitoring TNF-inhibitor serum concentrations and characterization of anti-drug antibodies by use of a surface plasmon resonance biosensor for patient-tailored therapy of inflammatory autoimmune diseases
  • Optical intracellular biosensing
22.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 4b
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Rules for Mass Spectrometry Applications

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Hans Maurer, Dr. Dirk K. Wissenbach
  • American National Standards for Drug and Metabolite Identification in Forensic Toxicology: A Radical New Concept? Or Simply Jumping onto the Bandwagon?
  • Rules for MS applications in clinical laboratories
  • Strategies and rules for applying HRMS in environmental sciences
22.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 5
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Antibody-Based Detection Technologies

Session Chair: Dr. Oliver Pötz
  • Highly Sensitive Immunoassays on the Simoa (Quanterix) HD Platform - Benefits and Limitations
  • Turning the Western Blot upside down
  • Multiplex-based antibody detection: SARS-CoV-2 serology beyond clinical routine
  • Proximity protein assays in solution and in situ
22.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 2
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Sensors for Water Analysis 4.0: Analytics Meets Digitization

Session Chair: Dr. Günther Proll
  • Plasmonic sensor as on-site data source for the monitoring of environmental pollutants
  • Maximizing the availability of smart sensors using the Netilion ecosystem
  • Portable and in-situ instruments for rapid quantification of Escherichia coli in surface waters – Operation and validation of the Fluidion ALERT Technologies
  • Cloud-based early warning system for algae monitoring in surface water
22.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 3
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How to improve leadership in the Medical Laboratory

Session Chair: Dr. Matthias Orth
  • Core Laboratory Services: Sustainability by Design
  • From Competency Models to Collective Leadership: New Mindsets for Laboratory Leaders; and Developing Strategic Thinking skills and tools in decision making
  • When it's time to change leadership focus: from clinical partners to broader healthcare
22.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 4a
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Clemens-Winkler & Gerhard-Hesse Award Session

Session Chair: Dr. Martin Vogel
  • Introduction (Dr. Martin Vogel)
  • 2021 Gerhard-Hesse Award to Dr. Katja Dettmer-Wilde, Laudation Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Matysik, Award Lecture: Metabolomics from an analytical chemistry perspective
  • Multidimensional separation techniques for phospholipid analysis
  • 2022 Clemens-Winkler Medal to Prof. Dr. Irene Nehls, Laudation Dr. Matthias Koch
22.06.2022 15:00-16:45 ICM/Hall 4b
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New Psychoactive Substances – still a topic in forensic research?

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Hans Maurer, Dr. Dirk K. Wissenbach
  • NPS from synthesis and analytics to pharmacology
  • Advances of receptor assays as tools for pharmacological characterization and analytical screening of NPS
  • Current status of post mortem toxicology of NPS
22.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 5
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Affinity Mass Spectrometry

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Michael Przybylski
  • Epitope determination of DNA and RNA aptamers as antibody alternatives by affinitymass spectrometry: New perspectives for molecular diagnostics and peptidebiomarkers
  • From Intact Transition Epitope Mapping to Seroconversion Analysis by Affinity-Mass Spectrometry
  • Integrated approaches toward a new generation of MIP biosensors
  • Clinical multi-omics calls for advanced disease models and mathematic logic
23.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 2
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Research Data Management I: AI for Image Analysis

Session Chair: Dr. Jianxu Chen
  • Automated Cell Segmentation, Classification, and Tracking in Large-scale Microscopy Data
  • Large-Scale Datasets for AI: How to achieve quantity and quality
  • Deep Learning for Congenital Heart Disease Modeling, Diagnosis and Intervention Planning
  • Self-configuring Methods for Deep Learning-based Biomedical Image Analysis
23.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 3
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Big Data, quo vadis?

Session Chair: Dr. Mustafa K. Özçürümez
  • Big Data Integration: From Mess to Mass
  • Healthcare Information Systems and Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges
  • From Chip to Bedside: Big Data in Translational Medicine
  • Big Data Pre-Processing, The Tipping Point to Success
23.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 4a
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Aerosol and Health: Innovative Aerosol Measurement Approaches and Concepts

Session Chair: Dr. Hendryk Czech, Dr. Ralf Zimmermann
  • Introduction to the Aerosol and Health sessions, R. Zimmermann
  • Aerosol Emissions and Environmental Impact from the Regulatory Perspective
  • Establishing photochemistry in the Large Aerosol Chamber toward toxicological investigations of aged wildfire aerosol
  • New instrumentation to monitor aerosol toxicity in ambient air: Assessment of combustion sources
  • A new single particle mass spectrometer for detection of toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metals: Technology and first applications
  • Utilizing the atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR to characterize complex realistic emissions and ambient organic aerosols
23.06.2022 09:30-11:20 ICM/Hall 4b
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Bunsen-Kirchhoff Award Session

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Carsten Engelhard, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Leopold
  • 2020 Bunsen-Kirchhoff Award Lecture: Raman Microspectroscopy for Environmental Analysis
  • 2022 Bunsen-Kirchhoff Award Ceremony and Lecture, Laudation Prof. Dr. Kerstin Leopold
  • Bunseniana: Drawing on the Character and Insights of Bunsen and Kirchhoff to Drive the Future of Analytical Spectroscopy
  • Microsampling in elemental bioanalysis: much more than using small volumes
23.06.2022 09:30-11:30 ICM/Hall 5
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Poster Session 23.06.2022

Session Chair: -
  • Poster Session sponsored by Merck
23.06.2022 11:30-12:30 ICM/Foyer
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New Strategies for Disinfection

Session Chair: Dr. Katja Fricke
  • Microbial challenges for surface disinfection
  • Trends in disinfection: between regulatory, science and pandemic
  • Development of a mobile surface disinfection robot for public buildings
  • Sporosan - a novel broad-spectrum disinfectant with sporicidal action
23.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 2
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Research Data Management II: More than high quality biosamples - Research Data Management with Biobanks

Session Chair: Dr.Michael Kiehntopf, Dr. Ronny Baber
  • Forschungsdatenmanagement in der LIFE Studie
  • Forschungsdatenmanagement im Nationalen Pandemie Kohorten Netz
  • ABIDE_MI - Zusammenarbeit der Medizininformatikinitiative mit der German Biobank Alliance
  • Forschungsdatenmanagement in Biobaken im internationalen Kontext
23.06.2022 12:30-14:00 ICM/Hall 3
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Analysing Cultural Heritage: Challenges, Approaches and Methods

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schram
  • FTIR spectroscopy as a tool in archaeometry - potential and challenges
  • The potential of chemical imaging techniques for the investigation of historic artefacts
  • Minimally invasive strategies to analyze historical clothes and accessories
  • Raman microspectroscopy elucidates Early Medieval art technology: high-fired gypsum mortar and Egyptian blue from the church St. Peter above Gratsch (South Tyrol, Northern Italy)
23.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 4a
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Aerosol and Health: Aerosol Emissions, Atmospheric Processes and Health Effects

Session Chair: Dr. Hendryk Czech, Dr. Ralf Zimmermann
  • Effects of photochemical processing on the characteristics of aerosols from residential combustion and passenger vehicles
  • Formation of Secondary Brown Carbon in Biomass Burning Aerosol Proxies through NO3 Radical Reactions
  • Particulate Emissions From Ships: an Underestimated Problem
  • Comparative chemistry and toxicity of combustion emissions from biomass and synthetic materials
  • Ultrafine particles from the transport sector: the nPETS first results from road and rail tunnels
23.06.2022 12:30-14:10 ICM/Hall 4b
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New Trends in Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Analysis - Part I

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Carsten Engelhard, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Leopold
  • 2022 Division Award Analytical Chemistry to Ass.-Prof. Dr. David Clases, Laudation Prof. Dr. Uwe Karst, Award Lecture: Analytical Tools for the Characterisation of Individual Nano- and Microstructures
  • Gadolinium-based contrast agents as emerging pollutants: From humans to the aquatic environment and back
  • PFAS – emerging contaminants: Can atomic spectrometry help?
  • ICP-MS/MS and LDIR as complementary techniques in small micro- and nanoplastic research: From method optimization to the study of environmentally relevant polymers as vector for trace metals
23.06.2022 12:30-14:30 ICM/Hall 5
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Ion-Mobility Spectrometry for Biomarker

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Sielemann
  • Recent developments in IMS instrumentation
  • Non-targeted volatilomics and machine learning – how to get the most out of your GC-IMS data
  • Analysis of human volatiles using gas chromatography ion mobility spectrometry
  • A users view on Ion-Mobility-spectrometry
23.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 2
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Research Data Management III

Session Chair: Dr. Claudia Beleites, Prof. Dr. Gerald Steiner
  • Chemotion ELN and Chemotion Repository as tools for the digitalization in chemical research within the framework of NFDI4Chem
  • The BAM Data Store - an institutional RDM framework for material science and engineering
  • The Carpentries: Software, Data and Library Carpentry
23.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 3
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NMR in clinical applications

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Astrid Petersmann
  • Approaches to reference intervals for NMR spectra
  • Pitfalls in clinical applications of NMR analytics
  • Unravelling the NMR signals associated to glycosylated acute-phase proteins in serum
  • Epidemiological approaches to clinical NMR applications
23.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 4a
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Aerosol and Health: Biological Effects and Health Impact of Aerosols

Session Chair: Dr. Hendryk Czech, Dr. Ralf Zimmermann
  • Assessing exhaust effects with human lung cells - advantages and limitations
  • In vitro and in vivo effects of combustion emission aerosols
  • Air-liquid interface cell exposure studies on the toxicity of ultrafine particles
  • Mechanisms of combustion particle toxicity: role of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the aryl hydrocarbon receptor
  • Developments in health risk assessment due to PM2.5 exposure by the European Environment Agency
  • Using burden of disease methods to quantify health impacts of air pollution
23.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 4b
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New Trends in Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Analysis - Part II

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Carsten Engelhard, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Leopold
  • ICP-MS Assisted Characterisation of Biogenic Nanomaterials
  • Investigating (trace) elements in mushrooms with ICPMS: Stories about arsenic accumulation, mercury mapping and more
  • 3D-XRF for the nondestructive investigation of structured and inhomogeneous samples
  • Molecular spectroscopic characterization of smart polymers and photocatalytic systems
23.06.2022 15:00-17:00 ICM/Hall 5
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